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7 Deadly Marketing and
Advertising Mistakes...

...That can Cost Your Business a Fortune... Are You Guilty of Any of These?

Hi there. I'll keep this short and sweet.

My name is Jerry Yeo. I've helped dozens of business owners increase their profits. (You can see some testimonials below.)

With your permission, I'd like to help you avoid the marketing and advertising mistakes that keeps most business owners from getting the success they deserve.

All you have to do is enter your name and email... and I'll tell you about these business-killing mistakes, and how to avoid them. I'll also send you a bunch of marketing and advertising tips you can use to get more customers and clients for your business. It's all FREE -- no tricks or strings attached.

Why am I doing this? (No, it's NOT because I'm a kind soul.) I figure if my advice helps you grow your business, chances are good that you'll recommend me and my website to others, as a way of giving back. This way, we both win.

The next step is simple. Just enter your name and email in the form (on the right-hand side of this page), and I'll send you your FREE profit-boosting tips.

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Some Success Stories from Business Owners who have Profited from Jerry Yeo's Advice:

"$10,984.75 in Additional Profits!"
"Jerry, you are truly a copywriting genius. I thought our sales letter was converting well. But after you beat our control and created a windfall of over $10,984.75 in additional profits in the first two months - with only one ad and NO endorsement traffic - I was speechless."
- Sam Rosen (for Marc Goldman)
VP of Marketing, Goldbar Enterprises LLC

"12.2% Conversion Rate!"
"Jerry, just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for the fantastic job you did writing the emails for me. The emails pulled an unbelievable 12.2% conversion rate."
- Louis Burleson
Daytona Beach, Florida

"Tripled Sales!"
"The sales letter critique I received far exceeded my expectations. My response to the new salesletter was at minimum tripled."
- Palyn Peterson
Colorado Springs, Colorado

"641% Increase in Profits!"
"My website profits have increased by over 641%! And thanks for your generous follow-up support and guidance, making sure everything is running smoothly even after the job was finished. You've really overdelivered."
- Michael Murray
Orlando, Florida

"Making $17.69 for Each Website Visitor!"
"Jerry, for the past 3 weeks your sales copy has been pulling in an average of over $17.69 for every visitor that hits my website. That's freakin' awesome - especially since you knocked it out within such a tight deadline! And one tip you gave bumped our average transaction size from each new customer by a massive $219.66."
- Tellman Knudson,
CEO, List Crusade

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